Find your way to American Jewish University

Conveniently located in beautiful Bel Air, near the intersection of the 405 and 101 freeways in Los Angeles.

Familian Campus
15600 Mulholland Dr.
Bel-Air. California 90077
Phone:1-888-853-6763 or (310) 476-9777
Fax: (310) 471-1278


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Brandeis-Bardin Campus
1101 Peppertree Lane
Brandeis, CA 93064
Phone: (805) 582-4450
Fax: (805) 526-1398


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  • From Los Angeles Area:
    Take the 405 Freeway (San Diego) or the 5 Freeway (Golden State) NORTH to the 118 Freeway (Ronald Reagan) WEST.

  • From Ventura/Santa Barbara Area:
    Take the 101 Freeway (Ventura) to the 23 Freeway (Fillmore) NORTH to the 118 Freeway (Ronald Reagan) EAST.

  • All Directions from the 118 Freeway:
    Take the 118 Freeway toward Simi Valley to Tapo Canyon Road. Exit Tapo Canyon Road and turn SOUTH. Continue on Tapo Canyon Road past Cochran Street, Los Angeles Avenue, Royal Avenue and Guardian Street to the front gates of the AJU - BRANDEIS-BARDIN CAMPUS.